Monday, 14 September 2009

Santa's been early........ :)

Oh, my, I'm soooo excited today! Got a Parcelforce delivery this afternoon and didn't even look at the box, as they're usually for hubby. It wasn't until I was about to make tea that I realised it was addressed to me and was my new Promarker colours. Had forgotten all about them (how could I??), so I let out such a squeal of delight. Now, I just have to find somewhere to stash them. I still haven't told hubby that I've bought them......oops!


  1. Ooooooooo Janeen - you naughty girl! Fab. colours though! Enjoy!!
    Sylvia xx

  2. Oooo Janeen, how could you forget you ordered them! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with them, I look forward to seeing what you make with them :-)

    Love, Rose x

  3. Hi Janeen, oh you lucky girl, even if you did have to buy them yourself. The colours look fantastic. I think I might have to treat myself. I've only ever used the skin tone ones, always coloured in with water pencils or chalks. Watch this space! Now where could I hide them Hehehe
    Suzi x

  4. I'm sure you will put them to very good use! The colours look amazing. Cheers Claire x

  5. Oh wow lucky you!!! I want I want!! I'm really disappointed with my last set of 12 I bought in a sale and then had another 20% off. Most of the pens were fine but a couple of them are very dry almost as if they've been used! So even tho' they were cheaper they've worked out about the same price now. :o(
    perhapps I should take them back ,but the lady in the shop is waaaaaaaaaay bigger than me!!

  6. ps...yes I did the blog hop, I saved all the details but then we got cut off the Internet Sunday for a while (near 10 hours!)and I forgot to do it!

  7. Ohhhh....what yummy scrummy pens Neenie! I have so far restrained myself from ordering more pens (I got a few for my Birthday recently but no new colours)...but after seeing yours I might have to be a bit naughty!Let me know which colours are your faves :)
    Hugs Shelly xx
    PS Did you say you were a fellow northerner?

  8. Lol Neenie ,
    That is awesome u got them :)
    I cant wait to get a set :)
    Have you played with any of them yet ?

  9. wow Janeen, you are so lucky. have fun with them.

  10. Oh'you are a lucky thing but enjoy them i've got about 30 but i know you have them all i think hehe' must buy a few more of the new colours, your blog is fab Jeneen xxhugsxx
    Sarah xx


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